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Residential Property Management Services

Residential Property Management Services

  • Platinum Phoenix Bulter Services
    Platinum Phoenix Bulter Services
    Platinum Phoenix Bulter Services
    Exclusive Platinum Phoenix Bulter Service, Superior Quality of Life
    Phoenix Bulter Service model: focus on customers, coordinate property resources, manage customer relationships, and promote high-quality services and shape community culture. This would help solve customer concerns, earn their trust, give them pleasant surprises, and create happy communities.
    Full-cycle services :The physical space segregation of the community, ensures each valued property owner can enjoy tailor-made full-cycle services. From the day the property owners take possession of the building, a communication platform is there to handle the demands of the property owners. In addition, information services, housing services, residential services, living services, etc. as well as community-based and other value-added services provide owners a more convenient and better service experience. .
    Professional Emergency Rescue Service:'Be eager to fulfill and anticipate the needs of property owners.' In cooperation with the Red Cross Society, Phoenix Bulter was the first to launch standardized emergency rescue services throughout the country. All staff members are certified by the ambulance officer based on an overall assessment so they are capable of ensuring the safety of over a million owners, ensuring that owners feel secure, comfortable and dignity as a result of good property.
  • Security Management Services
    Security Management Services
    Security Management Services
    Four-Level Safe and Security System, 24 Hour Safeguard Service
    By establishing a security management talent development system, and in combination with the free and charitable 'Dewdrop Project Demonstration Base' established by the Group, the Company annually produces more than 500 security management talents.
    Equipped with an advanced smart security management system, the community implements 24-hour closed-end management, and combines professional security personnel with smart technologies. This helps to implement full-time control and inspection of key sites and access personnel, vehicles and fire protection, decoration, transportation, parking lots, perimeters, etc. At the same time, in cooperation with the police, the security team can perform thorough registration and search of rental housing, and organize drills in a timely manner for emergencies such as fire emergency, people trapped in elevators, etc. working together with property owners, thereby providing an efficient combination of civil defense, physical defense, technical defense and joint defense.
  • Greening Maintenance Services
    Greening Maintenance Services
    Green maintenance Services
    'Eco-oxygen Bar' Featured Community with Stereoscopic Landscapes
    Constructed innovatively with a perfect combination of phytocoenosis, water and land condition, the landscapes in the residential communities are maintained by advanced equipment with normative maintenance standards. We also encourage our residential clients to implement their own brilliant ideas in the greening of their balconies and other external spaces, together to build a comfortable and pleasant garden-style 'Green Oxygen Bar' community.
  • Cleaning Services
    Cleaning Services
    Cleaning Services
    Comfortable Living Environment Guaranteed by 'Invisible' Cleaning Service and Professional cleaning equipment
    zero-interruption cleaning service: We provide our clients with clean and comfortable living environment through zero-interruption cleaning solution, i.e. our daily cleaning ( general cleaning, wastes transportation and facility cleaning) are all completed through non-busy hours.
    Professional cleaning equipment: We introduce cleaning trolley, sprinkling truck and leaf-sweeping vehicle based on the scale of our project to greatly improve cleaning efficiency and create better environment in our communities.
  • Engineering and Maintenance Services
    Engineering and Maintenance Services
    Engineering and maintenance Services
    IT-based management is adopted to provide effective and professional maintenance service
    Facility management: Real-time facility status monitoring and fault forecasting are guaranteed by a smart online supervision system, together with our three-level quality control system (i.e. project-region-headquater) to achieve our commitment to building a safe and energy-saving community.
    Maintenance service: clients’maintenance demands are timely answered through our smart Maintenance & Repairs Platform, by which the maintenance tasks are intelligently assigned and working efficiency is largely improved therefore. We focus on clients’experience by providing them with highly effective, great quality and professional maintenance service.
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