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Non-residential Property Management Services

Non-residential Property Management Services

    Relying on years of professional experience in green building operation and maintenance, Country Garden Services has gained profound insights into the service needs of corporate space management, and continuously innovates commercial property service. Moreover, we are committed to assisting commercial property owners, to provide novel WORKPLACE Asset Lifecycle Management solutions, including corporate headquarters site selection, agile FM facility management for campuses / buildings, smart energy consumption control, corporate administrative support services, space cost management, etc.
  • Operation and Maintenance / Public Services of Urban Public Facilities
    Country Garden Services is keen to adopt the development trend of smart cities using 'Intelligent IoT' hardware technology and 'Community Operation' data platform to innovate and implement a dual-wheel WYS driving model of 'Smart City Infrastructure Operation + Urban Cultural Activity Support Services'. In addition, we support the development of upstream and downstream industrial chain of modern urban services, and are able to provide mature service products such as inspection, operation and maintenance of urban pipeline corridors, road cleaning and emergency support, smart buildings, green building operation and maintenance, property management of recreational and sports venues, event conference support, confidentiality, etc., 'to create a better city with our existence'.
  • Technology Town / Industrial Park Operation Services
    Country Garden services has launched a brand new integrated operation and service system for industry-based cities. The aim is to facilitate the development of such cities and the integration among cities, industries, enterprises and talents. Taking the scale and functionality of the business into consideration, we are building energy-efficient ecological environments, high-tech industry zones and residential and recreational areas for high-end talents based on standardized intelligent service products, and cultivating a philosophy of personalization and customization. We aim to create a 24/7 work and leisure circle that balance work and life.
    we also provides established enterprises with customized services, like facility and equipment management, conference reception, instruction and guidance for industrial services, agency services for government affairs, and administrative outsourcing. In addition, we have strong service platform operation and value creation capabilities in building a community ecosphere with five-star living experience for property owners and residents, namely Phoenix Butler Service Model, 24/7 security, baggage check, housekeeping, community activities, talent support and so on.
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