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Community Value-added Services
Community ValueAdded Services
Life Services
Systematically study, plan and implement a mature development cycle for communities, family growth cycle and property value cycle for owners, to create a value-added service platform covering the full cycle of community life services.
Life services include housing support services, site operation services, group purchase services, automobile services, short-term house leasing services, insurance services, etc. Country Garden Services has a mature and all-around Platinum Phoenix Bulter system and a 400 hotline service. Based on the property owners’ needs, we bridge high-quality social resources so that owners can enjoy one-stop and full-ecosystem life services, as well as convenient, and comfortable community life.
  • housing support services

  • site operation services

  • group purchase services

  • automobile services

  • short-term house leasing services

  • insurance services

  • Resource advantages
    We have hundreds of real estate resources spread across the country, covering nearly 1 million owners, who owned 500,000 vehicles in total, and more than 1 million housing resources. In addition, we have mastered first-hand information, and are closer to the owners, and we have the Platinum Phoenix Bulter Service system that works very closely with property owners.
  • Marketing advantages
    Country Garden Services has a complete data Cloud platform, that knows property owners’ precise needs. We use Country Garden’s sound marketing system to reach millions of households online as well as provide one-on-one accurate offline information dissemination, thus helping partners increase their brand awareness, and promote growth of business volume.
  • Platform advantages
    Through resource integration and business linkage of Country Garden’s Big Data platform, partners can rely on a mature business cooperation model and have access to accurate resource database information to achieve 1+N communication effect, which can greatly reduce their operating costs and maximize platform advantages.
Media Service
Country Garden Services has media resources in nearly hundreds of communities, and is able to provide customers with accurate and diversified advertising services. Focusing on multiple high-frequency touch points in owners’ daily lives, the Company can provide accurate customer coverage, strengthen relationship between major brands and property owners, and provide property owners with richer and more affordable exclusive information. The community media uses the 'marketing + distribution' model to customize exclusive media packages for partners, provide good returns for brand owners.
  • big outdoor billboards

  • light boxes

  • road banners

  • barrier gates

  • elevator frames

  • big billboards at the traffic center

Collaborative Advantages
  • Target population
    Cover nearly one million urban core mainstream people across the country. Use Big Data on property owners such as basic information, consumption habits and brand preference, to provide effective data support for brand advertising, thereby ensuring more accurate information dissemination.
  • Media resources
    Upgrade and optimize various types of advertising media in the community; create personalized scenarios for specific population (the elderly and children) according to their different life routines at different ages; and maximize dissemination effect by optimizing and combining community media resources.
  • Integrated operations
    Integrate media resources of hundreds of communities across the country; set up unified and standardized external output, and quickly coordinate resources, to provide brand owners with optimized media resources.
Housing Brokerage Service

The Country Garden Rental Service Center is a division of Country Garden Services’ housing brokerage agency. We specialize in Country Garden’s second-hand housing rental business and are the real-estate agency for Country Garden’s property owners. Adhering to the concept of 'Country Garden guarantees your confidence', we are dedicated to providing property owners with services such as house leasing, house transfer, shop leasing, warrant agency and mortgage, etc. We are making every effort to build a professional real estate rental and sales transaction platform in the Country Garden Community.

  • house leasing

  • house transfer

  • real estate consulting

  • house management

  • shop leasing

  • and ownership transfer

  • Business scale
    In 2018, our business covers 50 cities across the country, with more than 100 offices. So far, we have represented nearly 200,000 houses and served more than 250,000 property owners
  • Brand advantage
     As a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Group, and one of the top three property service enterprises with leading strength in China, Country Garden Property’s housing brokerage agency has strong brand value
  • Service advantage
    we provide high-quality services.Our services rooted in the community. House inspection can happen at any time. Our property services linkage ensure convenient after-sales services.
  • Customer Engagement
    Property owners naturally seek help from property services. We provide property owners and customers  with real and reliable transaction information, making real estate transactions more open, transparent and convenient.


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