Red Cross Society of China Guangdong Branch Established Emergency Rescue Network with Communities to Improve Residents’ Awareness on Self-Protection
Release time:2018-03-26

  On March 26th, 2018, Red Cross Society of China’s Guangdong Branch conducted emergency rescue training at some community properties in Foshan, and set up an emergency rescue network with the community.

  Property service personnel in a community in Shunde District, Foshan received first-aid training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and bandaging techniques. To provide residents with professional and proper emergency treatment in the event of unexpected accidents, the Red Cross Society of China’s Guangdong Branch conducted systematic emergency rescue training for some community properties in the province. They also require all trained personnel to undergo rigorous assessments and receive ambulance officer certification.

  Yang Yuzhan, a community property service worker, said, There are many elderly and children in the community. If one day they were toface accidents or emergencies, life could be lost if I didn’t have this skill.

  Next, the Red Cross Society of China’s Guangdong Branch will train property service personnel who have obtained the ambulance officer certificate to become professional trainers for emergency rescue. They will then train other property service personnel and property owners who have not obtained the certificate, so as to raise awareness on self-protection among residents, and popularize correct first-aid and rescue concepts and skills.

Excerpt from: CCTV News


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